Raising Kittens Is A Full Time Job

Raising Kittens

Raising kittens can be more work than expected but the results are worth the effort. You know that you need natural healthy food for your pet.

Basics of Raising Kittens

Although raising kittens is a lot fun, it can also be very laborious. Having kittens requires more than just making sure they are happy and healthy. You must ensure they become confident, happy, and comfortable cats that can be cared for by only one or two people. It is crucial that these fragile creatures are cared for in the initial few days, if not weeks, because it is at this time they begin to reveal their true personality.

Kittens have a tendency to not feel the need to hunt or explore when they are born. It is important to teach your kittens how to look for new things and to explore the world. To start raising kittens, you can introduce them to their litter and get them used to regular meals. This will help them become more comfortable with eating by themselves. To ensure your kitten doesn’t eat its own food, keep it in a Tupperware container or tray. This can cause serious hygiene issues as kittens will eat anything that is within reach.

Three weeks after kittens are born, they should be allowed to be fed only by humans. This is an essential part of kitten care. It helps them get used to human contact and allows them to learn to manage their own food. If they do eat something, be sure to take it out immediately and then gently wipe it from their mouths before you give it back to them. You don’t want kittens to get into the habit or start asking for food.

How To Raise Healthy Kittens

Learning About The Litter Box

You can potty-train your kittens once they are eight weeks old. But make sure they understand that outside training is acceptable and that you will not feed them from the bottle or dish. To help them learn to use the litter box, it is important to teach them how to go outside. Your kittens may not be ready to use the litter yet. They will require around four months before they are ready. You may have to wait up to six months if your kittens don’t seem to be ready to use the litter.

You will need to introduce your cat to small animals such as rats and mice to help them get used to living in a home. These small rodents can be housed with these animals. Their urine is less concentrated, which helps avoid marking their territory. While kittens should not be trained to mark their territory, you can teach them how to do so. This can be done using newspaper which they can grab and roll on. This will help them become more comfortable with moving around the house. You may also want to get some plastic storage boxes so that their urine doesn’t stain everything.

After three months, you may consider adding another animal to your home. You must make sure your kittens understand that they don’t belong to you and that you are still responsible for their care. They will learn to be respectful of each other until they feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Your kittens should be disciplined immediately if they fight. They could learn serious fighting skills.